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Apr 19

Sweet tooth

L: Mama, what does ‘paradise’ mean?

Me: It’s a place where everything is perfect.

L: So paradise is Candyland?

May 16
Mama, these bricks are called wibble-wobble bricks.

Mama, these bricks are called wibble-wobble bricks.

Jan 24

Prepositions and dispositions

E: Why is it called ‘drop off?’ I mean, you don’t drop your kid off the car…you take them inside! You don’t drop them OFF!

L: Yeah! But if it *is* ‘drop off’, why is it ‘pick up?’ Shouldn’t it be ‘pick on?’

E: It can’t be ‘pick on’ because that means teasing. So maybe it shouldn’t be ‘drop off.’

L: So if it’s ‘pick up’ then maybe it’s ‘drop down!’

E: No, that’s a menu on a computer.

L: You can get noodles on the computer?

Dec 21

Even if Santa Claus is coming to town

Well, we don’t need to be good for goodness’ sake, because we celebrate Chanukah.

Jul 25

Let’s talk about bats

E: Mama! We learned about bats!

"What did you learn, love?"

L: They have dark-in-the-glow eyes because they play at night time.

E: Yeah, because they’re nocterminal.

Jun 30

Freshly squeezed

Me: “Are you okay, love? What happened? What made you throw up?”

L: I throwed up because the throw-up juice came.

Apr 22


You know what’s underground, Mama?

"What, love?"

Under ground is a great big bouncy ball and it’s called Planet Earth.

Apr 12

Nightie night

L: I want a pajama dress.

"What do you want?"

A pajama dress. A pajama dress like E’s. E’s pajama dress with ice cream on it. I want a pajama dress.

"You want a nightgown?"

Yes. But I call it a pajama dress.

Apr 10
Hipsters napping. L asks, are they dead?

Hipsters napping. L asks, are they dead?

Mar 27

Always pick option “C”

Her Gramps: “L, how do you like to eat your brownies? All at once or little by little?”

L: Big by big.

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